Some people live with these thoughts for their entire lives.


We all have a choice.


To live in a prison created by our mind,
release ourselves from this unnecessary pain.


We choose release, what will you choose?




To realise your perfect life.


A life of purpose.


A life of fulfilment.


We've designed this mini course with you in mind.



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Transforming Your Habits

Daily Routine

Circle of Control

The Power of Being Happily Fulfilled

Clean and Clear Decision Making

The Infinite Potential of You

Accountability and Intention



We've hand selected 7 lessons based on their transformational power.

Each one has the power to significantly shift your awareness, so by the time you finish you will have experienced a significant shift in your overall level of consciousness.



"The quality of a person's life is in direct relation to their level of consciousness."

- Bob Proctor

Author & Founder of The Proctor Gallagher Institute

Lesson 1: Transforming Your Habits

Your habitual behaviours guide the direction of your life. If these habits were not chosen by you, but rather inherited from caregivers and accumulated through your life experiences, the direction you're going in is out of your control.


During this lesson we discuss how to identify and remove any unwanted habits.

Lesson 2: Daily Routine

The presence of a consistent, positive daily routine is often referred to by the  happiest and most successful people as being absolutely essential if you want to reach your goals.


During this lesson we explore tried and tested ways to create your ideal routine.

Lesson 3: Circle of Control

A major cause of stress today is the belief that we should control things we actually cannot. Understanding what exactly is within your control and what is not removes stress and allows you to focus on what you can affect.


During this lesson we complete an exercise to find what is within your control.

Lesson 4: The Power of Being Happily Fulfilled

When we're fulfilled our light shines through and we feel almost unstoppable, however when we're not fulfilled we experience drops in energy, anxiety, stress, fear and depression.


During this lesson we cover a process for tuning into fulfilment.

Lesson 5: Clean and Clear Decision-Making

When we observe cause and effect it becomes abundantly clear that our decision-making serves to create the journey we walk in life. If this decision-making process is not perfect, the direction of one's journey can be perilous.


During this lesson we discuss how intuition works, how decisions are made and introduce practices to improve your decision-making process.

Lesson 6: The Infinite Potential of You

As a species we are only just beginning to understand the incredible potential we, as human beings, have. The power to self-heal, realise peace, manifest your dreams, raise awareness to "god-like" levels and intuitively understand every human being you meet.


During this video we introduce some of the more amazing topics we cover.


Lesson 7: Accountability and Intention

It's all good and well collecting great information, but if you're not applying this to your life it's all a waste of time.


During this lesson we explore intention and accountability, and provide useful exercises to ensure you integrate all you have learned into your life.

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